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On your marks.. Set.. GO!

We are proud to present you our brand-new weblog. It’s our goal to provide you with insights in the world of Implicit Measures. We will focus particulary on:

  • The basics of Implicit Measures.
  • Scientific research in the field of Implicit Measures.
  • Technical aspects of conducting Implicit Behavioural Tasks online.
  • Our products and services.

Both the Co-Founders of will publish here.

CEO Prof Adriaan Spruyt will write about the concepts and evolution of Implicit Measures.

CTO Engineer Joris Derese will publish about the technical aspects of web applications – with a focus on applications used for behavioral analysis.

We welcome all input from our readers, so do not hesitate to suggest a subject you’d like us to elaborate on, or if you want to contribute in any other way.

We hope jou enjoy browsing this blog.

Adriaan Spruyt
Joris Derese